The very first Minutes book has recently been found and the first entry is replicated below.

‘At a meeting held on Sat., 22nd Mch 1930 at 112d Hampton Rd. Southport, it was decided to form the “Southport Table Tennis Club” and to rent for £30 the Deaf & Dumb Institute, Stanley St every Tuesday & Thursday throughout the year, from 7pm to 11pm, those to be our club nights, and the tenancy to commence on Thursday 1st May 1930.

‘Mr E.G.Marriott was elected treasurer & Mr M Harrison secretary for the year, the committee to take full responsibility of the club finance, and to consist of all the founders, plus any new members as may be deemed necessary & advisable.

‘It was decided to insert a notice re the club in the Southport Visiter on Sat 29th Mch 1930.

‘The subscription was fixed at 30/- per annum, payable on or before 1st May.

‘A further meeting was arranged for Tuesday 20th May at 46 Hartwood Rd.
‘Present were Mr Marriott, Mrs Marriott, Mr Dickenson, Mrs Dickenson, Miss Evans, Mr Meredith & Mr Harrison, all those constituting the founding members of the club.’

NB. It subsequently transpired that a last minute restriction inserted into the rental agreement by the Deaf and Dumb Institute forced the club to look elsewhere, and so the club officially opened on 1st May 1930 at Southport YMCA.